Where did the name “Camera Latte” come from? Well let me tell you!

Every Tuesday morning Little Lue and I go to Music Together, and when we get out of class we got into the habit of catching a mom coffee date with the other moms/kids who went to class. We would walk just one street over to Sippin, a little internet cafe. One fabulous morning I decided to try a blended caramel latte, and I was hooked! I don’t even have to put in an order anymore, I walk in and they already know to put my latte together with my usual butter croissant.

So when I was thinking of a blog name I wanted something that would represent those sweet and fleeting “adult” moments that I enjoy with other moms where we sit at a coffee shop and sip on some joe and pretend we can relax just like everyone else. Granted these moments are being cut short by the crying babies demanding to nurse, or the toddlers that now try and dig stuff out of the recycling bin. But you know, in our imaginations we are like the those sitting across the table from us… Reading their kindles, surfing the internet, and just soaking in that adult time.

Originally, I was going to name the blog “Caramel Latte and a Camera”. A bit long, I thought, but truly captured what I wanted this blog to be. When my husband asked me about the name as we were working on setting this up he simply suggested “camera latte”. Genius! I can’t believe I didn’t come up with it myself! He gets the credit for that one. :)

So today I decided to snap a few shots of my source of inspiration. I think I scared the barista as she squealed and hid when she realized I was photographing her making some coffee hehe… Perhaps next time I shall ask first! Whoops!









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